Casino chip value book

casino chip value book

James Campiglia - The Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide (Schiffer Book for He also addresses condition as a value factor, which other guides generally. A state by state guide for casino chip collectors, complete with photos and descriptions of more than casino chips. Other collectors appreciate casino chips as historical artifacts since gambling has a Ironically, even though the intrinsic value of those old chips disappeared.


Tired of Coins & Currency?? Try Your Hand at Casino Tokens & Chip Exonumia They are also much simpler in design and usually only have a single color. These chips are understandably more rare because of there are always fewer high-denomination chips, but also because people are less likely to hold onto them and keep from cashing them in when they are cancelled because the chips have an intrinsic value that is girls gone wild vegas higher than their collector value at least initially. Pictures speak for themselves, these chips are stunning colors in great condition, perfect for any home game! The Quality of the chips is a good, but they are worth having in your collection! The case has some wear but is very solid overall on the outside. It is annoying to have to buy a huge stack of quarters beforehand - and you also have a huge roll of quarters after the game. Item Location see all. casino chip value book

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You are here eBay Collectibles Casino Collectibles Collectible Casino Chips Skip to page navigation. Non-standard denominations - Casinos sometimes use uncommon chip denominations for specific reasons. Overstamping is not used often since the stamp could easily be missed by a cashier cashing in the chips. Poker Chips Intro Deciding on what kind of poker chips, sometimes called cheques or checks , is a decision that every home poker hosts needs to make at some point. Help promote the exhibit by wearing your shirt.


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